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Wall of our Global Partners

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller.

Basha Enterprise Ltd.

“Basha” means house and “asha” means hope… Through dignified work, Basha seeks to provide sustainable livelihood for women at risk and survivors of sexual trafficking. Women gain job skills and the opportunity to develop into leaders and entrepreneurs in a healthy, healing environment. The products they make are sold locally and exported internationally. IFED partners with them to provide adult literacy training for the women and primary education for their children.

C.A.R.E. International – Ancash Region, Peru

IFED partnered with C.A.R.E. International on the EDUBINA project in the Ancash Region of Peru on several educational projects. In addition to providing school and educational supplies, we coordinated the first shipment of twelve computers to Peru to test a program for bringing Internet learning to these remote areas. Subsequently, we facilitated a donation of 125 computers to provide economic development and educational training for 19 Andean communities.

Carlotta Center – Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Carlotta Center is the sponsor for the School of Hope, with the objective of providing education for the street children of Bangladesh. They are also sponsoring two daycare and early learning centers for parents employed in the domestic sector.

CONAPAC Amazon Jungle Library (formerly CCC - Centro de Conocimiento Compartido or Center for Shared Knowledge) – Amazonia, Peru

Initiated and maintained solar-powered capability to develop a computer training program, as well as provide several new computers and desks. This popular and effective program is helping students to develop and demonstrate skills in word processing, editing and Internet technology, as well as giving them entry into the outside world. These skills, combined with a solid educational foundation, are opening doors to pursue continued learning, advanced degree programs and scholarships.

Cozumel Chrysalis Group – Cozumel, Mexico

This non-profit organization is dedicated to providing financial scholastic support for the island’s students. Mexican public school students must provide their own uniforms, school shoes and school supplies. High school students must pay an inscription fee for each semester. Many families in Cozumel struggle to send their children to school. Cozumel Chrysalis Group assists those students who show a desire to better their lives through education. Learning English in school prepares them to earn a better living in this tourist based economy. Breaking the cycle of poverty that they grew up in is one of the greatest achievements our students can make, helping themselves and their families to live a better life.

Cultiva Center for Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Social Labor – Santiago, Chile

The mission of the organization is to offer a rehabilitation program for individuals suffering from alcohol or substance abuse. They are taught skills that will enable them to return to become productive members of society.

CUP (Children’s Uplift Program) - Mirpur, Bangladesh

The Children’s Uplift Program (CUP) was founded to meet the needs of children at risk in Dhaka. The organization’s center provides support resources for homeless children and mothers. Their objective is to assist mothers who are in street situations or have traumatic life experiences by providing training and the skills needed for dignified employment and empower them to improve their own lives, and that of their children. IFED partnered with them to develop a skills program to provide economic opportunities for the women to obtain employment in the garment manufacturing industry.

Families for Children – Dhaka, Bangladesh

"Families for Children" (FFC) orphanage/school is extremely well run, mostly funded by Canadians.  Of the 150 children, approximately 30% are visibly disabled. The older children are allowed to attend public schools, if they have their admission fee and supplies, and the younger children are educated on site.

Friends of Nomads (aka Ramlia Children’s Literacy Fund) - Ramlia, Morocco

Youssef Boughrara started this organization to heighten awareness of the serious risk of illiteracy among the children of nomad families, and a sense of social responsibility to make a difference and improve the lives of children. He has built a one room school house in Ramlia, has employed a teacher and has support volunteers. IFED works directly with Youssef and the volunteers to develop and provide the teaching/learning resources for the volunteer teachers to use in the classroom. Youssef is a passionate advocate for child literacy on a basic and local level and sensitive to the unique challenges of the Nomads.

Gaviotas Amazonas Sewing Cooperative – Amazonia, Peru

This program was coordinated through the Amazon Library to provide sewing and skills training for women and girls in the neighboring communities. IFED provided several foot powered sewing machines, fabric and a teacher to train the women and later, the children in the community. The children were able to make their own playclothes and learned to sew backpacks for caring their library books to and from the library.

Grandma Cares Partnership Program – Chiang Mai, Thailand

This small grassroots organization, led by Hope Watcharaprecha, reaches out to help the local and surrounding rural communities of Chiang Mai, many of whom are affected by HIV/AIDS. Through a variety of programs that are delivered by volunteers from around the world, impoverished families are gaining knowledge and strength to create better lives. Their expanded programs include educational and humanitarian support to help children and adults to contribute positively to the Thai society.

It’s Humanity – Saidpur, Bangladesh

Moammad Adnan, a former student of BRAC University, was inspired by his family tradition of charity to create a foundation to empower mothers to afford their children’s education by giving them income earning opportunities. His vision is to eliminate poverty and create secure futures for underprivileged children in rural Bangladesh by giving them opportunities for education and job skills training.

Para la Tierra – Laguna Blanca, Paraguay

PLT is a Paraguayan NGO focused on conservation of fragile habitats in Paraguay. Their projects combine scientific research with education and outreach programs from elementary to post-university level. IFED has partnered to provide resource material and educational supplies to facilitate the creation of curriculum for our conventional education programs in local schools, our newest venture - Eco-Clubs - and for designing material and exhibits for the museum. Over 200 students and 1,000 Paraguayan tourists each year will benefit from this program.

World Child Cancer - Dhaka, Bangladesh

The children’s cancer ward is the only one in Bangladesh, and comprises 31 beds. In the generic hospital scheme, the patient/patient’s family must supply their own bedding and food. This means a member of the family usually stays with the patient (distances home are far), generally sharing the bed with the patient. There is no room for the patient’s (or parent’s) belongings, minimal as they are, including their food. Placing these items under a patient’s bed, along with the refuse of meals and medical waste, causes a significant sanitation issue.

Thank you for helping us cast more pebbles and make more ripples.